Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas sewing book

You might remember me raving about the Book Depository before because of their great book prices and worldwide free postage and here I go again. I was looking for books to buy the kids for Christmas and I found this one. Christmas things to stitch and sew. I figured since it was cheaper than me buying a magazine and because it looked cute and easy, that was good enough justification to buy it. :-) There seems to be lots of great titles under the Usborne Activities label which I wish I had have found a couple of weeks ago because they would have been perfect for my girls for Christmas. It's too late to get them here on time now. Anyway, here are some of my favourite things out of the book.

Reindeer collage

Snowmen and Penguins

Holly wreath

Christmas angels

Christmas dove

I love the angels and the wreath and the reindeer collage... well, you get the picture. The projects are all very simple so perfect for beginners or people like me who like a quick turn around on a project. I would love to make some but I think I might just be planning these for next year at this stage. It is really pretty to just look at for the time being.

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