Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our decorated tree


I can't believe Christmas is only days away. I had a list of things to do and I have gradually been deleting things from that list that I have no hope in getting done. Oh well. It was only extra stuff anyway. Not going to lose sleep over it. Anyway, I thought I would share our tree. The kids decorated it. I am cool with that. I use to get stressed about these things but I can deal with a kid decorated tree for a few years. They won't be kids forever. I love to see what they make. They are starting to get more of their own ideas about how to do things so I think next year will be interesting to see how they do it then.

Amelia's silver decoration

Our tree is a mixture of store bought decorations that have been strong enough to stand up to the kids 'attention' over the years and homemade decorations. Last year and this year I have bought packets of the cheap baubles from the Reject Shop and gave the girls some permanent markers and glitter glue and told them to decorate. They love it.

kids tree decorations

We have lots of white card shapes covered in pens and glitter glue. And a really long white and yellow paper chain stuck together with cheap Christmas sticky tape (also from the Reject Shop).

Our tree

This year, my contribution was a recycled Christmas card circle garland. Seems everyone in blogosphere is making circle garlands and I thought it would be a great way to use up a pile of old cards.

Christmas card circles

Lastly, presents do not live under our tree. I remember what we use to get up to as kids when we were little and I am not having that! The presents come out Christmas morning when everyone (Mummy and Daddy) is awake enough to care about opening presents. The kids have their Christmas stockings to entertain them until it's present time.

Counting down the sleeps now. :-)

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