Friday, August 13, 2010

Home made note books

Today I have Ellamay home from school. Poor darling has an ear ache. Ear aches are such horrible things. So later we will be off to the doctors again. We were up last night for most of the night. We even watched a little bit of a Barbie movie to try to take Ellamay's mind off it. She must be bad because it didn't work.

I don't know what it is like for the rest of the world but when we go somewhere like the doctors, the kids get bored really quickly. Last year, we were at the doctors a lot with the kids and it would drive me crazy the mischief they would find.

I had seen around the Internet about making note books out of cereal boxes and recycling cardboard and paper into little books (sorry, no links). So I tried it. I made some with new card and recycled some old stuff too. They are a fantastic thing to have a stack of so they can get pulled out whenever you need them. Like doctors visits.

Pile of new books

We finished last year's supply a long time ago so I decided I better make some more. We are planning a road trip in the next couple of months and I wanted to have some to take with us. Plus, these books are great to have when the kids friends come over to share around or maybe for a special story writing effort.

Books waiting for tails to be tied

I have a handy, dandy rotary paper trimmer which I use to cut the card and paper for these. I love it. I use to use a blade, steel ruler and cutting mat. That was hard work when there is a big stack to cut! After they are folded, I stamp them with some of my stamp collection and then I sew them with the sewing machine. I only put 4 or maybe 5 sheets of paper in them so they go through the sewing machine fine. That many pages is perfect for my kids. They love getting new note books but don't always like finishing all the pages. I finish the books off by tying and trimming the cotton. I have made them without tying the ends. I just like them this way. :-)

Stack of books

My new stock pile. They should keep us going for a while. Now, I better go and grab some pencils, stickers and a few new books so I am ready to go.

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  1. Glad I stumbled across your blog - I want to make notebooks for my daughter's birthday party favours. Have followed your lovely blog for you so please check out my blog @ Have a great day, Jane:)