Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Project 52 - Who's counting anyway?

We aren't counting that's for sure! We have not had much in the way of dates over the last... probably almost 2 months. I have been sick. The kids have been sick. The winter is really taking it out of me. We have managed to sit slumped on the couch together here and there. Brought each other a cup of tea. Random nice moments.

After a yummy Sunday roast at my parents place, we left the kids with Mum and Dad for an hour. We needed to go to the local shopping centre for a few things. While we were there we stopped to share a thickshake. This is a choc mint thickshake from Wendy's. Tim's weakness. I will admit... mine too now.

Choc mint shake date :-)

It was nice to sit and not have kids wanting our attention. We talked and did some people watching. And then about 15 minutes later...

End of shake date :-(

It was finished and we went back to get the kids.

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1 comment:

  1. That is a good looking milkshake. Hope everyone is feeling better now.