Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project 52 - The seventh date

It was my turn this week to come up with our date. At the start of the week I had great ideas of a candle lit supper outside under the stars. I would make a nice plate of berries, maybe some chocolate and some nice sparkling grape juice. It would be very romantic and a chance sit back and relax in a different setting. We would forget about what had been going on inside of our house for a time and talk about everything and anything.

This week has been another rotten week though. Tim's hours were terrible. Between work and fire brigade stuff, he was worn out. We hardly got to talk all week. I got offended by a few insignificant moments. And I held a grudge. I was angry with him.

So, Friday night came and I wanted to skip the date. I had stuff I could be doing. I went through the motions, prepared the food as I had planned but only sat on the couch. Tim always knows when things aren't good. I wasn't hiding it well though. I cried. I talked. Tim listened. We got it sorted. I apologised for being a cranky woman. Tim was sorry for the way the week had gone.

In the end, our date was a good way to vent, catch up, move on and have that much needed time.

I hope this next week goes better and our next date will go smoother. I wonder how everyone else did this week for their Project 52 date?


  1. sometimes just catching up and having that "start over" point is what these dates are all about.
    Here's to a better week for you and your hubby. :)

  2. Wow, I have definitely been there. Good for you for being refreshingly honest. And in my opinion, that is a terrific date night.
    I hope the upcoming week is better for you.

  3. that was like our crazy week. we hardly saw each other all week. glad you had date night as a time to vent and work things out. thanks for sharing!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}