Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little felt Angel

I finally finished the angel to go in my resurrection set. It's been busy here (as usual) and I have hardly done any of my stitching or making things. I have been going crazy! Tim is away for the weekend at more fire training stuff so I have been letting everything slide (translation: the place is a mess!) and have just been trying to get this done. Easter is next weekend and I am not feeling confident about getting this finished. Here is the little felt Jesus I made.
I cut out the felt pieces for two women in the set. I have stitched their arms and I hope to work on them some more before bed tonight. As long as my darling children settle. They are REALLY not good at that.
The angel's halo is made from a round shell bead thingy :). It turned out quite well. A very friendly angel really. A friendly, fuzzy, craft felty angel.
I am trying to figure out how to go about the tomb and cross. I would like to do it different to the original, if I get it done at all.
I would like to make some Easter hair clips too (any excuse for new hair accessories, right?) and I still want to put some flowers on the front of the Easter baskets I made.
There is one other thing I really need to achieve though. Sleep. I am lacking more than usual lately so perhaps I should put that on top of the list. Nah... :O Yawn, too much other stuff that's more fun to do than sleep. Maybe the kids just take after me in the sleep thing.

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