Monday, March 29, 2010

Look what I've started now...

I shouldn't be starting any other projects because I am in the middle of quite a few at the moment (like always!). I decided to have a go at this one though thinking it would be quick. It's rather time consuming cutting out all those flowers but it is kind of therapeutic.
I am on a decorating kick at present. Esther and Ellamay's room is well and truly ready for a make over but the whole house is annoying me. So I will start by doing things that I can achieve easily. Enter - paper flower garlands for the kids rooms. This one is for Amelia's room. I saw this one here and decided I really needed to try it out. I have run out of cut flowers though so I need to trace a few more onto the card and get cutting again.
I have almost finished another character for my resurrection set. One of the women needs hair and the other is started but needs a lot more work. Running out of time! Hope to be back tomorrow with some more pictures of finished felt people.

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