Monday, February 1, 2010

Head bands for first day of school

Our daughters started school today. Our house is significantly quieter today. Only Amelia around to make noise and mess. And really she has been fairly well behaved so far.

I recently decided that Esther and Ellamay needed some school hair accessories that matched their uniforms but were different so it might help everyone tell who's who. I have been really wanting to make some rosette head bands for myself but true to form, made some for my kids first.

These are from this tutorial I found. So easy. I got the headbands from The Reject Shop marked down from $3 for 3 to $1 for 3. Bargain! (I bought about 5 packs! I like to stock up when I find a bargain). They were already school colours so all I had to do was add the rosettes. The maroon flower is actually an old dress ... an attempt at re purposing. Suited perfectly.

Here is a picture of our babies. All grown up and ready to go in the front gate today. Sporting their new head bands. Amelia didn't want to miss out on the photo.

I have got more plans for school hair things, I hope to post soon. By the way, my head is much improved now, thankfully. So maybe I can get back to stitching and such.

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