Monday, December 6, 2010

Stormy weather

Stormy days

What a week it's been! Lot's of stormy weather here and some drama thrown in for good measure!

Last Monday, Amelia was taken to hospital in an ambulance after complications from a bowel obstruction. I stayed in hospital with her for two nights. We made it home Wednesday night. She was put onto lots of medication to clear the blockages.

Amelia playing at hospital

That is a very short explanation of our drama. Amelia is doing a lot better this week. She is having her moments but we are hopeful that she is really on her way to recovery now. It was a horrible thing to go through but now at least there is progress. People finally listened to me and we finally got some action.

I am very proud of my little family after this week. Amelia was a super brave girl. Esther and Ellamay were super brave girls too. And Tim was a wonder husband and dad (as usual). We survived a hospital admission for Amelia. We have been dreading it. She will have to have one eventually for a (CF) 'tune-up', which means having IV antibiotics. That will probably be a much longer admission. We did survive this one though. And at the moment - that's all that matters.

Tea party at Hospital

Aside from having to take all the medications that she is not use to, Amelia thought hospital was a bit of a holiday. We got to have tea parties and ride the tractor in the play room and go for a walk to the cafeteria to buy potato chips and apple juice.

We are so thankful for all the help people gave us and messages of support.


  1. Hi, thanks for popping by my blog. I see our families share a path on the cf journey. hope your little Amelia is feeling much better now. Take care, Leax

  2. Beautiful pictures of Mila. Quite pensive.