Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas tree treat cups

Spoiler alert: Any family members reading this need to stop reading now and come back after Christmas. Or act surprised when you get one of these from the kids on Christmas. Okay? Good.

party hat trees

Our treat cups are done for this year. What a relief! Almost last minute. Using similar ideas to our previous years treat cups, we used a paper cup as the base. Esther decided we needed to make Christmas trees. I was trying to work out how I could get the right shape for one when I saw a party hat the girls had. I just flattened it out and traced around it onto some sheets of green card.

flat hat tree

Party hats have a little flap that fits into the slit to make them stay together. Perfect. It made rolling them into their cone shapes so much easier. The girls all helped painting the paper cups brown for a tree trunk and then decorated the cone trees.

Preparing lollies for tree treat cups

Of course, the part where we filled them with lollies... well... that takes a long time when little girls have to taste test them :-)

Tree treat cup preparations

We attached the cone to the cup with double sided tape.

Sparkly pipe cleaner star

The star on top is made by twisting a glittery pipe cleaner around a star cookie cutter.

Finished Tree treat cups

The finished product. We made 14 of them. And I hope by the time we give them to all the family, there is still 14. They are full of lollies remember! Mmm... lollies.

It has been a busy week this week. Christmas break ups, shopping and visits to the big building have really taken their toll on everyone. Hopefully, after a good night's sleep tonight, we will all wake up ready for the festivities over the weekend. In fact, I am quite sure the kids will be up at some ridiculous hour in the morning just because it's Christmas eve. They have been excited today because its Christmas eve, eve. Anyway, I have got another one (or maybe two) posts to squeeze in before Christmas so I will see you tomorrow.

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