Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh Deer!

Have you ever seen something around that you really want to try making with no real reason to make it? Yep? Well that is what this project is. Absolutely no reason, no one person in mind for it. In fact I tried to convince my brother to take it when I made it but he wasn't interested. What am I talking about? (A question that comes up regularly). This.

Oh deer!

I have seen pictures around cyberspace of these deer heads for a long time now and I think they are cool. The real thing - not cool. But this - super cool!

I googled around and came across this. I was so excited to find this pattern. I printed it off straight away and have had it sitting in my mid-craft pile for a long time.

I finally bought some big sheets of foam core board last week (on sale of course) and got to it. I have covered it with my favourite dark wood grain contact from the Reject Shop ($2 a roll). I have used less than half the roll for this so... I could make another one :-)

My disappointment with it is that the foam core board was difficult to cut and get a smooth edge on it. Does anybody know the trick? I am thinking that an old corrugated cardboard box would be a perfect thing for this project too. You could not cover it then and just leave it in all it's natural box glory!

Oh deer! head

Well, perhaps I can find a home for it. Maybe save it up for Christmas and put a red nose on it. Or would that be implying bad taste? You know, having poor Rudolf on the wall. Oops. Oh well, still - it's pretty fun don't you think?

Have yourself a merry day.


  1. It turned out great! Now it can have a little friend :)

  2. You can sand the edges gently with very fine grade paper. That's what artists do!