Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Floriade Carnival

More from Floriade. I really loved it there. I would love to go again. Of course to do that it would involve another 6 hour car trip (which took us 10 hours because we had to stop so much!). Anyway, should we ever go back to Canberra while Floriade is on then I would definitely need to spend more time there. It was such a cheap day out for our family. That in itself is a pretty big deal. There was more than just flowers there. The kids were drawn to the carnival attractions and rides of course.

Clown faces

Bright cuppa


Flower lady on Stilts

Carnival fun

I liked them because they are so bright to photograph. And I did go mad with the photo taking! We were away for 6 days and we took over 1500 photos *grin*. That's my sort of trip!

More Canberra posts coming. And some time in the next couple of weeks - Crafty stuff! I have actually started making a few little things again. The kids go back to school next week so hopefully back to regular stuff again. Yeah!

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