Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Project 52 - 13th - NCIS

Friday night crept up on us this week. We had hardly even mentioned the date night during the week let alone tried to work out who's turn it was.

We are big NCIS fans and there was a re-run on the TV so we decided to watch that. Tim had been watching episodes that hadn't screened in Australia of NCIS on YouTube earlier in the week so we sat and watch an episode on there too. Perhaps it was the time of night, but we seemed to laugh our way through them. You know, more than we usually would at the little jokes on there.

Anyway, as usual, couch time is down time for us. We managed a little bit of conversation in between and my favourite part was just sitting with Tim. We are rarely still so date nights are always so good just to be still together.

We worked out it is my turn to come up with the dates so I had better get thinking!

Go to Simply Modern Mom for more on Project 52.


  1. Do yourself a favour and go and buy Jenga. It is the best. Although, might wake the kids I suppose...

  2. i like the veg and watch tv dates. rarely does that happen around here. but we need it every once in a while. thanks for sharing! see you next week!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}