Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 52 - 11th and 12th dates

Week 11 wasn't so much a date as it was about being in the same house. The last months over summer have been crazy busy. Tim has been doing fire training and working long hours so we have had very limited time. Our date was supposed to be on Friday night but Tim was going away for a weekend of fire training up in a national park near Mildura. We tried for Thursday night. Tim was home late from work though and then he needed to pack because he was leaving for to catch the plane early. So we collected up things he needed and did washing.

Good Friday was our 12th date. We had been busy in town at the Easter Fair with the kids during the day and so by the time it got to date time of night we were slumped on the couch having a cup of tea. I was stitching like crazy trying to finish some Easter hair clips for the kids to wear to the family lunch we were going to on Easter Saturday. I guess you could call it a date. Really though, the whole weekend was a date for me. Having Tim home all weekend spending time with me and with the girls was the best. As I said before, Tim has been so busy, it was a real treat to have him home.

If I had to say my favourite part of the weekend though, on Good Friday, we had fish and chips for tea at the Botanical Gardens. The kids played happily and we sat on the picnic blanket and enjoyed being together. And Tim was a hero dad because he pushed his girls on the swings.


  1. Sometimes those simple moments of watching a dad push his girls on the swings mean so much! Hope life slows down - although mine never does!

  2. I know what it is like for the hubby to be busy and gone a lot....mine works a lot of hours. We have to treasure the moments we get to spend together and make the most out of them. Sounds like a great weekend.

  3. yup. my hubby is gone a lot too. so sometimes being in the same house is a special treat. thanks for sharing your dates!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}