Monday, January 25, 2010

Felt food for a 50th

Our family was invited to a 50th birthday celebration this month. The friend had seen some felt food I had made for the kids and had requested some of her own. Well, that's just what she's getting.

The brown bag tutorial is found here. The chocolate chip cookies are easy to make. I have seen a few variations of these around the Internet. I just used a cross stitch on the dark brown felt and then blanket stitched around the tan felt. And just a little bit of stuffing. Perfect.

The sandwich tutorial is found here.

I added the onion and the egg. The onion is just double thickness of white felt with circles stitched around by hand. Then I cut between the circles. The egg is from a pattern available
here. Everything is hand stitched. Though I have made the eggs before using the sewing machine.

I use acrylic craft felt for all my projects. I have been reading up on using better quality felt, but the craft felt is easy for me to get at the moment and it's doing the job. I hope to post photos of the other felt food I have made soon.


  1. This is great! What a talent you are. I love the lettuce, it's got crinkles. Brad likes the onion. We are fans of you.