Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Week 2011

I had high hopes of posting this on the Friday this happened. Or at least on the weekend after. Here I am, in September and I am sure this happened in August. I am so tired at the moment I can't be bothered looking up the right date. Better late than never. Life has been full lately. Trips to the big building (Royal Children's Hospital) with Amelia and since then sick kids and sick kids and just for good measure, sick kids.

Esther and Ellamay's school celebrated Book Week.

Ellamay is Pippi Longstocking

Ellamay went as Pippi Longstocking. We recently read the Lauren Child illustrated version. The kids loved it. I am a fan of Lauren Child. Her work is so dreamy. (I'd love to decorate the kids rooms completely inspired by her work.)

I had to wire up Ellamay's hair and I started early in the morning because we hadn't managed to have a trial run. Fortunately, it worked.

Esther decided she had to be a skeleton. Not exactly story book motivated. Don't know if she has read a book about skeletons before. Whatever. It was a last minute decision. She just wore black clothes and I cut out a skeleton from white card and we stuck it to her with double sided tape. Is there nothing that stuff can't do! I had quite a few comments about how much work I had put in and being clever, which is all very pleasant to hear but I had to correct them. "I love the internet!" If you would like to print a skeleton to cut out (and wear) here is a link to where I found it.

Esther is a Skeleton

Amelia was dressed up for getting messy at daycare, but insisted on wearing a crown. She wasn't so keen to talk to the principal.

The kids at Book Week 2011

So there you are. Completely late. But I had to post something to tell you we are still around. Posting may be pathetic for another couple of weeks. Can you believe I have had kids home for 2 weeks now because of this nasty virus that has settled on our house and now it's time for 2 weeks of school holidays! Sigh. How am I going to entertain them!?

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