Friday, August 26, 2011

New books

I have been hitting the online shopping a little bit lately. Okay. Just the I am loving it. These are my most recent purchases. I love making things from felt because it can be (in theory) so quick and easy to stitch up. I have seen these books around on other blogs too. And I am influenced by what other creative people are saying is good. :-)

Felt friends from Japan book

Felt Friends from Japan - I really want to make the deer on the front. Only its head though so I can make a new deer head for the office wall :-)

Fa la la la Felt book

Fa la la la Felt. Tis nearly the season and I would like to make some of the decorations in this for our tree and also as gifts.

Palm-Size Softies book

Palm-Size Softies. I think these would be such cute things to make.

Let's draw happy people book

Illustration School: Let's draw happy people. I love this book. I have never been much of a drawer and and I would love to be able to improve this. This book has step by step instructions and I am determined to work my way through the book and draw it all. There are two other books in this series as well which I will own one day too :-)

I should probably admit too that I have some more books to add to this list. I did get a great crochet book for my birthday and I have some kids craft ones too. I'll share them another day.

In keeping with my effort to declutter our house, I have had to cull some books on my shelf to allow space for the new ones. So far some recipe books have been given the flick. I had bought them years ago because they were pretty but have never used them. I ended up taking them to a friend who loves to cook. At this rate I will have to get more ruthless though.

Do you have any suggestions for books that I should consider for my collection?

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