Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deer head making and other catastrophes

Deer head progress

Well. We have hit October. I managed one post in September. That is fairly poor isn't it. September was a pretty crazy month here one way and another. I am hoping October is much more straight forward.

I will be playing catch up for a bit, so many things have been going on!

Here's a quick run down on life up to now.

- Amelia had her Broncoscopy at the start of September. This is a routine procedure for CF she has each year to check the condition of her lungs. We thank God that this year's was uneventful unlike last year's.

- Amelia turned 4.

- We had a clinic visit to the big building for Amelia's results. Everything came back clear and she is as well as can be expected. Thank you God again.

- Esther developed a cough which got worse and eventually affected all of us (except Amelia!!!). Esther had weeks off school and we finally found out, after 3 trips to the doctors, it was whooping cough! That is a horrible condition and if you can be immunised against it or need booster shots, do it. We were in isolation for a week! After the whole family had a course of some really yukky antibiotics we were no longer infectious and could go out again! Esther and Ellamay are still coughing but it has improved a lot fortunately.

- School holidays with sick kids! Need I say anymore about that?

- Squeezing in a little bit of me time crafting to make a few random and quick projects to try and keep my sanity! The deer head photo above is one of those projects. I started that about a 3 weeks ago and it is still in that same state of mid-craft. I did actually finished a couple of things which I will be sharing soonish :-)

- We just welcomed to the world a new nephew. I have been working on a stitching project for him but it is probably too ambitious for me to be doing at the moment. It has already had a change of design once, it might need a second just so I have some hope of finishing it before he is a teenager.

So there you have it. Really, everything has been ruled by the kids lately. Esther and Ellamay were given a clean bill of health by the doctor yesterday so they will be off to start the new school term on Monday. HOORAY!!! It will be a "just you and me" day with Amelia at home. I have a terrific friend who has offered to have Amelia on a couple of days next week just so I can get some extra kid-free time and try to turn my house the right way up again. My friend is the bees knees.

I hope to get back to some kind of regular posting in the next few weeks but we shall see.

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