Thursday, July 7, 2011

Esther and Ellamay turn 7

I can hardly believe our little baby girls are 7. They are acting so grown up now but are still happy to watch little kids tv shows. They still like to get a cuddle of mummy and daddy, though they are referring to us more as Mother and Father these days. I think that has come from watching Mary Poppins.

Ellamay and her sewing gift

Here is Ellamay opening the felt sewing things, hoop and book. All "cool" presents apparently.

Esther and LPS Blythe Doll

Esther opening the Littlest Pet Shop Blythe doll. I was on such a winner with that! The girls have been in love with all the Blythe dolls they have seen on the internet so it was pretty exciting to get their own little ones.

Mila and her new book

Here is Amelia with her new book. Not her birthday obviously. Does anybody else have to do presents for younger kids on siblings birthdays? I only gave Amelia a couple of things - I hope that by next year she will understand that it isn't her birthday so she doesn't get things.

Esther and Ellamay's 7th birthday

Here are the birthday ice cream cupcakes the girls had that night. They wanted an ice cream cake. In the middle of winter! My hands were frozen by the time I was done! I saw some ice cream cupcakes that had brownies as a base. Yum. I kind of ran out of time to try that one though. If you are interested, here is the link.

It has been a month since their birthday. I am so slack with the blogging lately. The kids are on school holidays at the moment so I am still fighting for the computer. Perhaps since my birthday is coming up, I can drop a few hints for a laptop of my own (that works) *pretty please with sugar on top*. :-D
More birthday stuff to blog and some other crafty endevours too. See you another day :-)

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