Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's been happening here...

Funny photo booth

I'd best type quickly. I am home alone. No kids to be hassling me about food or wanting their turn on the computer. No husband wanting to do work on the computer. Just me. I should be doing housework. But I am not. I thought I better let you know what's been going on around here otherwise you will all think that Mid-Craft Crisis has become like one of those blogs that has heaps to say and then one day it just stops. *waves* Don't worry. Still here. :-)

This month has been crazy from the beginning. So much going on and so many changes.

~Esther and Ellamay turned 7! There were the usual family celebrations and an un-party for them too. I will have to post some pictures from that at some stage. By the way, an un-party, in my definition, is a party you have when you are not really going to have a party. Savy?

~Tim resigned from his job last month and started a new one on the 14th. It is so perfect for him. He doesn't have to be away on overnighters each week now either. YAY! He is so happy in his new role, which makes me so happy too.

~We got a new family car and Tim got a new car for work.

~I got a new smart phone which is sending me crazy to work out. It is prepaid and I think either my kids are somehow using up the cash on it - or someone has been using the wi-fi connection on it. (Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Because I totally don't!)

~House culling! I am so proud of myself. I have been letting go of so much stuff. My goal of having the house down to the very least amount of stuff by the end of August seems achievable. How amazing that is going to be! And then we can get down to the fun part of renovating!

I should probably mention that the picture up the top there is of me. It was taken the evening after the girls un-party when their guests had gone home and my sister and her husband had come for dinner. We had some fun with the photo props (from the un-party) too. Ellamay said that we were being too silly and grown-ups shouldn't be silly. Well, being silly was heaps of fun!

I have been keeping up with all the blogs I follow on my reader. It is so bad doing that though, don't you think? One is less inclined to comment on people's posts if one is not reading the blog itself. I think I will have to work on that. Call it a mid-year resolution.

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