Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miniature world at Cockington Green Gardens

I have wanted to go to Cockington Green Gardens since I was in Grade 6. That is... hmm... maybe 20 years ago. (!) When we went to Canberra, I finally got to see what it was like.

Mini Soccer

Amelia and I at Mini Soccer field

Boat with some leaks

Man falling from the roof

Miniature workshop

There was so much to see. The kids loved running around discovering things and Tim and I took turns taking pictures. I had the big lens on my camera and an old couple actually stood back out of my way so I could take a picture. They said "She's a professional." I laughed. They didn't realise that I was shooting on full auto and getting some pretty average pictures.

We walked around quicker than I would've liked. The kids were to excited to see what was around the next corner so we had to keep up. The only reason I wanted to go slower was to take photos and I probably took enough of them anyway. :-)

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