Saturday, October 16, 2010

Echidna Day cakes

Amelia with the 1st Echidna Day cake

I have wanted to celebrate Echidna Day and make it into something special since the first anniversary came around. The first time we celebrated it in 2008, was marked with a cake. Amelia was only just one in this photo. She already knew cake was yummy! :-)

Echidna Cake

It is just a plain and easy chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The spines are made out of malt stick biscuits. The idea for this came from an ice cream cake featured in this book.

Echidna Cake

This is the cake I made to celebrate Echidna Day last year. It was mud cake with white ganache. The echidna on top was made from fondant icing. The long nose was dipped in chocolate and the spines are made from chocolate ganache. It is sitting on a chunk of mud cake that I trimmed off the cake to make it flat.

Echidna on cake

This year we are aiming for echidna cupcakes. That should be fun. We will be working on these soon. I also have some other things to do to make the day special. A day of thanks. Stay tuned. :-)


  1. Ohh they both look so yummy!!

  2. Yes, they were very yummy. I do love my chocolate cakes :-)