Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making cupcakes with Amelia

I am playing catch up with all my posts at the moment so forgive me for being all over the place. This one is actually from before Amelia's birthday last month. We were getting ready for birthday cake making. I will post some picture of that soon too. Along with some crafty stuff. I have thrown myself into making things again after a break because of winter illnesses, school holidays, a road trip to Canberra and a husband with pnuemonia (I know I haven't mentioned that, but Tim had pnuemonia just when we got home from our trip!). And as is my style, I have started 50 projects (give or take) and haven't got much to show for it yet. Photo taking of a couple of things tomorrow.

Photo's tomorrow too because it is going to be the 10/10/10. Fairly good reason for a photo wouldn't you say? If I am really clever I will take it at 10:10am as well. That would be good wouldn't it?

Amelia and mix

So last month, Amelia and I made some cupcakes. Usually I get the kids to help put the ingredients into the mixing bowl and help with the mixing. Sometimes I let Esther and Ellamay scoop the mixture into the patty pans (if I am feeling patient that day). I usually give Amelia a beater to lick so I can finish off the cupcakes. This time though, she asked if she could help.

Amelia helping with cupcakes

She did such a great job! I guess she is growing up.

Amelia with a cupcake mix grin

I love this photo with the little bit of mixture near her mouth. Cute.

Finished cupcakes

I have to go and search the hard drive now to find Amelia's birthday photos. Our photo's on the hard drive are so organised at the moment that I am having trouble finding them. :-)

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