Thursday, July 15, 2010

A cold and a blog mention

It hasn't been frosty the last few mornings, but wet and rainy. And cold. So windy and cold. The kids went back to school but I am sick again so I haven't been doing much of anything. Stay tuned though. I have been planning some new things for the Crisis and I have lots of projects to finish off (how strange). 

Something before I go, I was pretty excited yesterday to get a mention over on Meni's blog for the Gardener Amelia post I did here. It was an idea I found on Meni's blog. Another idea I saw over there is one for using magnetic numbers to do maths with. Great! Esther and Ellamay are just starting to do sums at school and this would be a good way to practise.
Thanks Meni.

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  1. oH! Thanks to you, this is so beautiful! :D
    I'm glad you like my crazy ideas, a big hug from Spain

    meni :*