Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter tombs

Over the last week, we have been trying to fit in some Easter crafting. The kids have decorated lots of cardboard cut outs of eggs and half coloured in lots pictures. We made palm branches for Palm Sunday and then I got all inspired to make Easter tombs with them. Here is what we came up with.


Ellamay's and


It is made out of aluminium foil underneath with salt dough over the top. It was kind of a rushed project because I actually told the girls what we were going to do before I had it prepared it. Bad idea. I got the inspiration from a website with a lot of Easter crafts on it which I can't find now. (Sorry about that.) The Easter tomb on there used florist foam as the base and then was decorated with similar things. We put a piece of purple fabric over the centre cross on Good Friday and then the idea is to put the stone in front of the tomb so it can be "rolled away" on Easter Sunday. Then you place a piece of white cloth inside the tomb to symbolise the resurrection. This was a great way to make the Easter story a little bit more real to the kids.
If we do this again next year, I will get prepared more before hand. I will use a different salt dough recipe and we will paint it. AND, we won't be so busy at Easter time so we will have time to finish them off more.

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