Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hello. Thought I'd stop by and post something since I haven't for so long. It's been on my mind to do something... but then so have a lot of things! School holidays are drawing closer and my hope is to not have to be going this way and that quite so much. Believe it or not, amongst all the driving kids around, renovating and living, I have managed to do a few things that are just a teeny bit crafty. And true to form, most of them remain in mid-craft condition.

I had in my head before my youngest nephew was born in October last year, that I would like to make something for his arrival. That never did get finished - maybe one day. I started making a hexagon quilt. It was flawed from the beginning though. I made the hexagons too small and so it would take hundreds of the things to make what I had in mind. And sewing it all together by hand is so slow! That will possibly stay in the mid-craft pile forever.

After seeing a picture of a beautiful set of camping owls here, I decided I needed to make my own version for my nephew. I used some of the stack of wool felt I recently purchased off etsy, with great visions of making everything I had on my pintrest felt board.

What do you think of my progress?

Owl softie progress

I used the pattern from my Fa La La La Felt book and added the gusset piece so the owls would stand up. I think they look a bit blank. I need to stitch their eyes a little I think. Give them some personality. I quite like them. By the time I get them finished, my nephew will be one! (If I get on with the stitching of course!) I am going to make a tree stump house for them. It looks great in my head. Now if I can just translate that into action.

I have a few more things to share. I took a bunch of pictures recently of my mid-craftiness because I was going to write a whole lot for this blog. Still not there yet. And the blog renovation... I am a bit stuck on that too. Seems like it should be a simple enough project, but I can't for the life of me get that figured out. One day you'll stop by and see that I have finally figured it out.

See you another day.

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