Monday, May 7, 2012


You probably noticed my lack of commitment around here lately. I am pretty much thinking that this year is going to be a write off when it comes to achieving even things of a Mid-Craft nature.
I will be posting. It may just be a while in between. I have been in the car constantly it seems and haven't found time for much. And we have been renovating. Tehehehe... I like to say that. It is so great to be make things in our home fresh and new. I also like to say that because as soon as you mention that you are renovating, people cut you a bit of slack when it comes to getting things done :-)

So what have I been up to whilst absent without leave? I have been stitching bits and pieces. I have been getting inspired. I have mostly stopped pinning everything on Pintrest. I am trying to break that habit. For a site so full of inspiration, it has sure wiped my creativity out. There are so many pretty and clever things on there, it makes me wonder why I should start any projects anyway. Anyone else get that?

To kick start my creative juices, I am hoping to do a little blog renovation. I have been researching it and I think I am almost sorted on how to do it. I have no idea how I managed to set up my blog in the first place. Apparently, I have lost some of my tech savviness (is that a word?).

As a photo is always good on a post, here is one of our family on a recent short holiday. We are standing on top of Mount Hotham, Victoria. We hoped to see snow but there wasn't any there yet.

Mt Hotham Family photo

There you have it. I will get my camera out and start taking pictures. I will have something to say about something that I have made. I will have some Mid-Craftiness to share in the future.

See you another day.

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