Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amelia's 4th Birthday

Pretend if you will, that it is still September and I am actually posting this on time. HA! Not likely with the way things have been around our house lately.

This is how we started the day, way back when Amelia turned 4. Present opening in bed with the family.

Amelia opening gifts

We were going to have lunch at my parents house and tea at Tim's parents house so we decided to sing happy birthday to Amelia at breaky. I made her a little jam toast stack to put the number 4 sparkler in. Big hit - breaky birthdays. Might have to try and keep that up I think.

Jam toast birthday stack

The birthday girl at Nanny and Parpy's for lunch. And candles in birthday trifle.

Birthday trifle

Chocolate cake I made, under Amelia's instructions, which we had at Nan and Pa's house. The aunties and uncles were all there for that.

Number 4 cake

Here is Amelia with her big present. She had to wait all day for this. I felt mean but we had to give it to her when there was time to ride it! All Amelia really wanted for her birthday was her own "Shakey bike". It took a little while to work out but Amelia wanted a bike that had streamers on the handle bars. We found out that you can buy the streamers separately so when we found the bike but no streamers, the problem was quickly sorted :-)

Amelia's bike

When Amelia started riding, she had real trouble turning the bike at the gate so she would stop, get off and pick it up and turn it around. Esther and Ellamay bought their scooters into town so they had great fun on them while Amelia rode her bike.

Fun together

The expression on Amelia's face was priceless. She was so proud of her new bike. And she was concentrating so hard.

Amelia on her new bike

Okay, so I am biased. She's a cutie. Cheeky monkey. She has been through more than any child should have to go through by the age of 4. She is still a happy and healthy little girl who loves things that 4 year old girls love. Hello Kitty, green, dressing up, riding her bike and scooter, playing with dolls, talking on her pretend phone and making things.

Amelia is 4

She also knows that "God is the biggest". If she is afraid or if she sees that someone in the family is upset she will tell them "Don't be scared, don't worry, God is the biggest." I pray that her faith will always be so straight forward and obvious to her. It will see her through all her days.

So better late than never, right? Amelia's birthday was over a month ago and I can hardly believe I am organising Kinder for next year for her!

Once I have uploaded all the photos from last weekends Echidna Day, I will share the all about the animals we saw on our adventure, including the sleepy echidna.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Beautiful photos... she certainly is a cutie. Awesome idea with the toast and sparkler. Might copy that one for Teddy next week :)