Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royal wedding watching

Did you catch the Royal Wedding at the end of last month? Our little darlings were excited that it was on telly. Can you believe I let them stay up until 10.45  P.M. to watch it?! Madness is what that was. I paid for it the rest of that weekend too. They were a bit tired.
Princess Esther

Amelia dressed up as a princess

Ellamay being a princess

Esther and Ellamay watching Royal wedding

You will have to excuse the mess. In between watching intently on the TV, they were busy making royal flags, playing with Princess Kate paper dolls and Esther made a letter E fascinator which she wore for most of the night. Unfortunately, not in any of my photos :-(.

I painted their nails, they dressed up in sparkly material and we had a royal dinner of chips and pasties. The kids loved it. And the thing about royal weddings? You remember what you were doing when you are older so you can tell the story to your own kids.

I am glad royal weddings don't happen too often :-)

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