Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Campaspe Run, Elmore

Wow, do I have the slows lately on posting! The truth is I have to fight to get time on our big beautiful computer because our children all want turns on it. And if it's not them, it is my darling husband. I am stuck with the unreliable dinosaur of a laptop. I think I will put in a suggestion for a nice shiny new one for my birthday or a "just because" kind of thing *grin*.

Anyway, here are some photos of part 2 of our adventure at Elmore from my last post. This place is called Campaspe Run and has a history of the area and the Sunshine harvesters that were invented on a farm in the district.

Wandering with the kids


Old wares
Amelia and Esther in header


Smithy shop

It was an interesting wander. The kids really liked seeing all the "olden days stuff". Especially the old cottage they had set up with old wares, table and bed.

I have so much to catch up with. (Ahhh!!!) I will get another post up later today hopefully. Have a great day!

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