Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School holidays...

Creepy smiley loaf sandwiches

Did you miss me? The kids are on school holidays and I am having trouble getting a turn on the computer. Sigh. It was so much easier when the little darlings weren't computer literate. Still another week to go before school starts back. I was hoping to share all our Easter makings but obviously that plan is not working out. This photo is of creepy smiley loaf that the kids think is wonderful. I got some for a special treat for lunch last week. Not sure of its nutritional value. Considering it smiles at you and all... We are going with easy as much as possible (notice the paper plate under the creepy faces?). Esther and Ellamay have now both had ear infections which has upset their time off a little. And yesterday I took the three girls to have their flu shots. I think Esther and Ellamay will be glad to get back to school!

I am looking forward to the Easter weekend. We hope to go into town and wander the Easter Fair as is the tradition. Hopefully the weather holds out. It is a little dreary today. I am having some kid free time today so I had better make the most of it. Hope to be back before Easter with some things we have been making.

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  1. Those are weird. And the longer I look at them, they creepier they get.