Thursday, April 21, 2011

Plaster eggs


What to do with children on school holidays in the lead up to Easter? Making and painting and all things creative in our house. We recently went to a country market with my sister in law and found some plaster eggs to paint.

Esther painting eggs

Ellamay painting eggs

I am sure if you could be bothered, making up some plaster and using some chocolate moulds would be easy enough. Messy though. And since someone else had done the messy part (or some of the messy part anyway) for me, who am I too pass that up?

Painting plaster egg

The 3 kids had fun painting them and I got some peace to get some laundry done. Everyone happy. It didn't occur to me to take pictures of the finished product. Amelia's ended up all brown because she mixed her paint together. Esther and Ellamay seemed to be quite concerned about this. I pointed out that she is 3 and does things like that. And that they are Easter eggs so it is quite alright that they are brown. They just look like chocolate now. :-)

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