Thursday, March 24, 2011


Osnaburg and hoop

I have been going to my local fabric and craft shop a little too often lately. They had that spotty fabric on sale there and I had to go back to buy some more and, well, it's nice to feel inspired by fabric at the moment. My latest purchase was 1.6 metres of this osnaburg. I only just found out what osnaburg was from this post at Wild Olive. A fabulous stitchy blog I have recently stumbled upon. I was terribly excited to find the fabric and bought the remainder from the bolt. Now I am planning all kinds of stitching projects.

Embroidery Cottons

Embroidery beginnings

I have been sketching up ideas and screwing up paper and starting again. I have photocopied pictures and adjusted pictures and I have finally started one small stitching project. It won't take much of my fabric for this one :-) True to form, I have also starting making a couple of other things at the same time though. I will get around to sharing them. At the moment, why don't you just look at all that pretty cotton. Perhaps I need some more of that too :-)


  1. Love it! I just noticed recently that I haven't frequented the fabric store much lately. Guess it was all that once- or twice-a-week stocking up I was doing for a while there. :)

  2. :-) Once or twice a week... That might be a new goal for me...