Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rough places smooth


I will lead the blind by ways they have not known,
along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;
I will turn darkness into light before them
and make rough places smooth.
These are the things I will do;
I will not forsake them.
Isaiah 42:16

I found this verse the day we found out Amelia's cystic fibrosis diagnosis. I had not much idea of what CF was. I knew it wasn't good. This verse has helped me through the last 3 and a half years of Amelia's life. We have had our ups and our downs along the journey. We have worried and been scared. We have also had fun and gotten a huge amount of joy from having Amelia in our lives.

We went down to Melbourne last Thursday for Amelia's latest clinic visit with her team at the Big Building. It was an excellent visit. We had some results back at the start of this week showing that Amelia is absorbing her enzymes properly and after all this time she is the healthiest that she has ever been in her life. 

In. Her. Whole. Life. As you can imagine, we are pretty excited about this. It is a relief to know that for the moment, things are great. We don't know how long things will stay this way, but we are going to celebrate anyway. We are going to go out this weekend and do something together as a family. We are going to breathe in the fresh air and laugh and enjoy life. Who knows what will be in the future? But for right now, I am enjoying the fact that my family is healthy and happy. Life is good.

They cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
and he brought them out of their distress.
He stilled the storm to a whisper;
the waves of the sea were hushed.
They were glad when it grew calm,
and he guided them to their desired haven.
Psalm 107:28-30

I will be sure to share what we get up to on the weekend. I hope there will be lots of photo taking to remember this great occasion.


  1. I am so happy for you and your family. God is so good isn't He?
    I always remind myself that His way is perfect and whatever He uses to bring us to our knees and close to Him is good for us.
    Give your girls a little squeeze for me.