Friday, March 22, 2013

After Christmas, comes Easter

Still Christmas

I am so tired. Being sleep deprived is a pass time for me. Lately, I get up and get the kids to school and then I come home only to find myself falling asleep again. The other day I sat down to write a list and fell asleep.

Confession 1: I only just took this banner I made before Christmas, down a couple of weeks ago. I had all our other Christmas decorations packed up in the days after Christmas day, but this stayed up. I was too lazy to get a chair to stand on so I could reach it. I liked it up though. It was going to be the whole first verse of the carol but that actually took a really long time to make so I just did the first line. It was also still up because since renovating, I haven't put up any pictures and so it was a nice wall decoration.

Now that it is down, the wall above the TV looks boring. I am starting to get photos printed and finding the right frames because I want a photo gallery wall up there. If only these things would work out easily and be done so I could already be enjoying it. :-) All in good time.

So Easter is nearly here. How did that happen? Confession 2: I still have 3 Christmas CDs on rotation in my car. What? I really like Christmas carols and music. Actually, this is pretty bad for me. Half way through February is late for me. So I am at a new personal best. Ha!

Easter. I had planned to have the house a bit Easter-y but that hasn't happened so far. I got the Easter basket out of the cupboard but the kids just spread it all over the floor and house. And not in a way that could be described as decorating!

I have been doing bits and pieces of crafting lately but I haven't got as far as to take pictures. I will try to do that before the school holidays start again. I am not remotely ready for them to be so close!

I will leave you with my current favourite song. A Christmas one of course.

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