Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Button obsession

Button bag

I have a thing about buttons. They are useful for all the usual buttony type uses but also for things like entertaining kids and for making pretty things. I had a small stash of buttons. We have looked through them a lot. We use them for pump time entertainment. Buttons are quite a happy thought to me. If I have trouble sleeping or I have had a bad day, I like to think of a quilt shop I went to a couple of years ago that had a huge tub of buttons there. You could buy buttons by the scoopful.

I put the suggestion out months ago to my in laws that I would be perfectly happy with a bagful of buttons for my birthday. Didn't matter if they were new or old. I just wanted more buttons. On my birthday, they certainly delivered. Look at the great supply I received. That terrific buttony bag above which is a perfect project size.

New button stash

New buttons in all different colours, shapes and sizes.

The button tin

I was handed this old biscuit tin which felt kind of heavy. I was a little bit excited because old buttons often live in old biscuit tins. It was from Auntie Jill. And it was the family button collection! I let out a shriek. Because isn't that what you do when you discover old buttons in an old biscuit tin?

Inside the button tin

Treasures in buttons 3

These are some of my favourites. That dog one is so cute. I wonder what it use to live on?

Treasures in buttons 2

And those green buttons with the flowers painted on are so pretty.

Shoe in button tin

There were some still on their cards and other interesting treasures in there that often end up in button collections.

Treasures in buttons

I love this sparkly blingy button. What could this have been for? Something super glamorous perhaps? Or maybe it was bought and never used? Now I am hunting out all the things I can make with these buttons. Can't wait to start. :-)

Do you have a crafty happy thought?


  1. Buttons are just too fun. I don't have nearly as large a collection.

  2. Found your post while searching for information for a blog I'm about to write about my love of buttons - you are a woman after my own heart!!