Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cardboard hand bags for Easter

Cardboard bags

The kids put these together on the pump the other night. I had previously cut out and assembled the cardboard base. The girls then chose their favourite scrapbook paper to cover it and made the beads on pipe cleaners for the handles. I hope they last until Easter morning because they have been loading them up with things that shouldn't go in a bag made of cardboard and we have had to repair them with sticky tape a few times. I think I should have used some thicker card for the gusset.

In case you want to make some of these, I first saw the idea over at ikat bag. This blog is a favourite of mine especially for all the cardboard creations... but then I love all of it. There is a printable template and instructions on how to make them. We will be making some of these again.

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