Friday, January 28, 2011

Making little worlds

When the kids were recently complaining of being "soo booored" I sent them outside to make some little worlds. I gave them a al foil pie dish, a paper cup, some pva clue and scissors and told them to go make something. They really didn't understand the idea at first but I think they did really well once they got started.

Esther's little world

Esther's little world.

Ellamay's little world

Ellamay's little world.
These make me think of the books I loved when I was a kid. The Littles. Ever read them? The al foil pie dishes weren't really big enough to make much so when we were out shopping we looked around for something to use. We found kitty litter trays. They are perfect. I had to explain what a kitty litter tray was to the girls... FUNNY. Anyway, when they make some more I will put some more photos up. If you need to entertain your kids, give this one a try.

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