Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh no! Where is Jemima?

Ellamay has a grey teddy bear called Jemima, that she must have at bedtime every night. On Friday, she took it to school. Friday night, at bed time, guess who was missing from her school bag? She was very upset and took forever to settle down.

She decided to draw a picture to put up at school to ask people if they have found it. She did some writing on it too. It says "Oh no! can me..." She is just learning to write and she can write those words without checking the spelling. (We are finding a lot of Oh no! notes around the house). It was a sad weekend without poor, lonely Jemima. Hopefully, she finds her today at school.

Meanwhile, look at what has happened last week. Ellamay has now lost both her top teeth! (Smiling in between her sadness at her missing bear and sporting bed hair).

Not that she likes people to see. Have a smiley day.

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