Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crochet, I have conquered.

Granny Square

One of my goals in life has been to learn to crochet. I have tried a few times before but I haven't really ever "got it". After a friend shared a link on facebook about crochet lessons happening in town, I jumped at the chance.

This granny square was the result from my first 2 hour lesson. And I could read the pattern. I felt so clever. I also learnt that day that wearing my glasses for crocheting is very important. Migraines come from not wearing them :-(

African flower

My 2nd lesson, with glasses on, I achieved an African Flower (a little wonky but hey I'm a beginner). I was supposed to make 2 and put them together to make a potholder. Confession. I left it mid-craft because I wanted to move on to more exciting things. Typical me.

The 3rd lesson was how to make a Christmas decoration. It was quick to make the two sides but we ran out of time to do the edging and I had to figure that one out on my own.

Christmas crochet

It is supposed to have six points and then I can sew the little bells onto each point. Straight forward? I have already pulled out the edge quite a few times and when I start it again, it comes out differently each time. I am pretty close to leaving it as a circle ornament and not a star.

There you have it. I am glad I took the classes. I tried following lessons online but for me it was too hard to set aside the time to do it. It was easier to book into classes and then have to go. I feel like I can have a go at most basic patterns now though. And it was fun hanging out with like minded crafty people.

My crochet skills will take more practice of course. And now that it is coming into summer, I doubt I will feel as keen to work on it. I really want to try making some baby blankets but with my track record, it probably wouldn't be a good idea :-)

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