Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amelia's new room

Amelia's room 3

Amelia's room has been finished for a while now, and by finished I mean close to done. I would still like to get some kind of shadow box/display boxes for the wall in her room as well as Esther and Ellamay's.

I am really happy with how it turned out. Amelia loves it too. It took a long time to paint this room for one reason and another. Things like running out of ceiling paint in the middle of the ceiling and then finding that the new can was matt when the previous paint was gloss. The wall colour is Fresh Cut Grass by Taubmans if you are interested.

Amelia's house

Amelia's new house for her LPS Blythe dolls. And the little cubbie under her bed.

Amelia's room 1

Amelia's kitchen

I am always on the look out for cool stuff for the bedrooms but I don't want to hurry to clutter them up with unnecessary stuff either. About 12 months before we did the kids rooms, I had bought a bunch of stuff (on sale - of course!) that I thought would look good in their rooms when we did them. I have put that all out to be donated somewhere because it is not right for their rooms now that they are done (almost). I am trying to be a bit more careful about what comes into the house as once its in, sometimes its hard to get it out. I really wanted them to live in their rooms for a few months or more so we could see what works and what doesn't. Then we can plan how to fix it.

I'll be back another day with some more about the LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) Blythe dolls that my girls are all crazy about.

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