Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is coming

Christmas Nativity Set

Christmas is almost here and I am not ready for it at all. How about you? I had planned to be so organised this year and make so many things and be quite festive but it hasn't happened. I have been pinning things on my Christmas board on Pintrest and have been so inspired to make all matter of delightful things, but not this year.

Remember in my last post when I said that Amelia had been to hospital for the day, in the ambulance? Well, the day after that post, Amelia ended up in hospital. She was in hospital, which meant I was in too. The tummy bug got the better of her. Thankfully, she responded well to the treatments and we came home 3 days later. Since then, the whole family has gotten sick, including me.

So anyway, I am writing this post as a sign off, of sorts. I give up, I give in, I surrender. I haven't been keeping up with the blogging so I am taking the next month off. The run of illnesses we have had in the house has really made everything harder to do. It is summer holidays here starting Friday, so it is time for a break anyway. The kids will be home for 5-6 weeks. I plan to rest up, relax and hang out with the kids. I hope we can do some making together and have fun.

I hope to be back to regular (ha!) blogging at the end of January. I need to spend some time going through the mid-craft list and let go of some projects that are just never going to get done. And I need to re-organise my 'to-do' list into what is achieveable and what is not. And then, I need to set myself some goals (New Years Resolutions?) to work out how to make time for my making. I need a creative outlet to keep sane and I have been getting increasingly frustrated that I am not doing more of what I love.

How's that for a post? A bit deep and meaningful? Well, whatever. Had to be said.

I am going to post a few of my favourite random Christmas videos over the next few days in the lead up to Christmas. I am loving youtube for getting festive while we have been housebound.

Thanks for reading along this year and I will see you in 2012!

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