Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cornflour slime

So what do you do with kids home from school and feeling generally lousy from whooping cough? You make slime of course! I found this recipe here. We talked a little about liquids and solids and then they got right to it. It was funny to see how each kid played with it. They are all individuals that is for sure!

Ellamay hands in slime

Esther playing with slime

Ellamay dripping slime

Amelia pouring slime

Esther with slimey hands

Ellamay and slime

Amelia and slime

Esther and slime

Cornflour slime - Ellamay

And the mess I was left with. It kept them happy for an hour or more though so really it was a small price to pay. :-)

The slimey mess

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